Until recently, Mana was only available through our website. Now, however, it can be purchased through Amazon in Germany and England. This will ensure faster delivery and greater credibility with our foreign customers.

Getting Amazon to distribute food products is a lengthy and complicated process. This was especially true for us, since Mana is a new type of product whose sales category has not yet been fully defined. Many companies hire special agencies to get their products on Amazon, but we were able to do it ourselves. And though it wasn’t easy, we think it’ll be worth it. We are also proud to say that Mana is currently distinguished as an "Amazon's Choice" product, i.e. the best product in the Health section, a distinction awarded on the basis of sales. Yet most important for us is the fact that Amazon brings us one step closer to our customers and increases the availability of our products throughout Europe.

Mana is currently on offer in Germany and England, where it can be delivered to customers within only 2 days. It can also be delivered to 24 other European markets from the same distribution centers. We are currently negotiating the distribution of Mana from other centers in Italy, France, and Spain, but we still have a long road ahead.