You already know that Mana is healthy and delicious. But have you ever thought about baking it, freezing it, or blending it into smoothies? You’re not limited to two flavours either. In fact, there are a ton of ways to spice things up! This article presents the best of them—and they’re not just from us at Mana, but from our customers. Whether you prefer ManaPowder or ManaDrink, read on to learn how to unlock Mana’s full potential! 

ManaPowder—the most universal powder in the galaxy!

1. Even smoother consistency? After mixing ManaPowder with water, let it sit for 2 minutes, then shake again. Or, if you have time, blend it for the ultimate silkiness and let it melt on your tongue!

2. Play with temperature! Mana always tastes good cold. Add ice or, after shaking, let it sit in the fridge for up to 24 hours. If left in the fridge, it will thicken. You can also add warm water to ManaPowder, but remember that temperatures over 40 °C or 104 °F will diminish its nutritional values.

3. Give it an extra kick! Can’t imagine mornings without breakfast and coffee? Have both in one! Add espresso or black coffee to ManaPowder and get your caffeine, vitamins, and minerals in a single shot! No need for a blender either.

4. Use plant milk instead of water! Our favourites are almond and oat milk. Use 150 ml of milk per 200 kcal of ManaPowder (1 scoop/2.5 heaped tablespoons). 

5. Experiment with flavour! Blend Mana with other ingredients. Fruit, vegetables, spices, nut butters...The only limit is your imagination! Tried and tested additions include bananas, peanut butter, shredded coconut, and gingerbread spice mix. The variations are truly infinite. Check out our recipe page to get more inspiration!

6. Highly nutritious desserts. Just replace part of the flour in your recipe with ManaPowder to make a healthier dough for desserts! One of our favourites is ManaPowder coconut balls—a “must-have” for coconut lovers.

Let’s not forget about ManaDrink!

1. Serve it cold. ManaDrink doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but—just like ManaPowder—it sure tastes good when it is! If you don’t have time to cool it in the fridge, toss in some ice. Either way, you’ll take the refreshment factor to the next level! 

2. Make ice pops. These are perfect for summer, but good all year round. There’s nothing simpler than pouring ManaDrink and some mixed berries (for example) into ice pop moulds or ice cube trays and freezing it. Plus, kids love it!

You can make amazing ice pops using ManaDrink, plant milk, and mixed berries!

3. Blend it into a smoothie. Although ManaDrink is made for immediate consumption, it can also be used in smoothies. Blend it with fruit, veggies, spices, or nut butters. ManaDrink Origin with honey or cinnamon is a great starting point! 

4. Make healthy pudding. Pour ManaDrink and some chia seeds into a bowl (15 teaspoons of chia seeds is enough for 1 ManaDrink, but feel free to add more or less to taste). Let the mix thicken in the fridge and voilà! Chia seeds are a nutritional miracle, too; they contain antioxidants, essential omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and protein, and are ideal for puddings! Fruit on top is also delish.

Bonus tips for effective storage 

ManaPowder has a shelf life of 18 months. After pouches are opened, however, they have a shelf life of 1 month. But did you know that, if transferred to airtight containers after opening, the shelf life of ManaPowder can be extended to 6 months? This is especially useful in case of the Family Pack. Just be sure that the containers you use are stored in a dark and dry place.

One ideal option is the large, opaque, plastic containers for sports nutrition supplements. These are designed to store powders, and are durable and easy to handle. But whatever plastic container you may use, make sure it’s intended for food storage. From the sustainability point of view, glass jars are ideal. 

You could also use sealable silicone bags (e.g. designed for freezing foods). But if you use these, be sure to expel the air from the bags before sealing. These bags are also space efficient and come in various sizes.