Fiber, which is an essential part of our diet, consists of soluble and insoluble components. The soluble component slows emptying of the stomach and reduces the resorption of fat and cholesterol. It also has the ability to absorb water, dissolve, and ferment in the digestive tract, making it an energy source. Soluble fiber acts as a prebiotic, i.e. nourishment for probiotic bifidobacterial strains, which is important for digestion and immunity.

Sources of soluble fiber in Mana include oat beta-glucans, arabic gum, and other minor sources.

The sources of insoluble fiber in Mana products are: xanthan gum, oat cellulose, hemicellulose, the insoluble portion of oat beta-glucans, and other minority sources. Insoluble fiber works mechanically to clean our intestines and bind water molecules. This facilitates the passage of chyme through the intestines and excretion of substances, thus shortening the time of contact of potentially dangerous substances with the intestinal tract.

One portion of Mana Drink contains 4.3 g of fiber and one portion of Mana Powder contains 5.4 g of fiber.