We’ve just sold the 5 millionth meal made with our Mark 6 recipe—the most successful recipe of Mana to date. Thank you for your loyalty! As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you the opportunity to get one of our limited-edition Taster Packs completely free of charge. Offer is valid through 23 March 2021.

When we introduced Mark 6 in January of 2020, we said that it was the perfection of Mana’s ingredients. It includes new sources of protein, fibre, and healthy fats, as well as new, chelated forms of magnesium, potassium, and zinc, which are even more soluble. In the case of potassium, we increased the amount per serving from 400 mg to 700 mg for powder, and from 400 mg to 520 mg for drink (our drink has slightly fewer calories so the amounts of nutrients per serving are naturally a little bit less).

In short, we made the most out of current scientific knowledge, just like we’ve been doing since we started in 2014. For our health, your health, and the health of our planet. 

But Mana is not just about science and science alone. It’s also about feedback from customers. “Ever since we released Mark 1 in 2014, we’ve received thousands of messages, suggestions, and ideas from our customers. There is no doubt that without those, we would not be where we are today. We are therefore proud not just of the commitment and determination of the people here at Mana, but of you, our customers! Thanks a million!” says Jakub Krejcik, our founder and CEO.

As a “thank you” for your loyalty and support, we have decided to give away thousands of our limited edition Taster Packs, which contain all our Mark 6 foods. Click on this link to have a Taster Pack automatically added to your cart. Then use the following code at checkout to get it for free: TASTER-FOR-YOU. The only condition is that you also have to add one of our standard packages of food to your cart (either ManaPowder or ManaDrink).

Offer valid through 23 March 2021.