I would like to inform you about the current situation in Europe and our readiness for events predicted to occur over the next few months.

It’s been a while since I last published a personal blog. This is not because I haven’t written anything, but because things are happening so fast that many topics lose their relevance after just a few days.

Since the beginning, Mana has been based on scientific principles, as well as utilitarianism, futurism, minimalism, and a little bit of optimistic science fiction. And it is precisely on these principles that we strive to make the future inspiring.

For me personally, it is interesting to see that the previously unthinkable concept of food created through a mixture of natural sciences and engineering has become fully beneficial.

At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 sparked a transformation in the way people from all segments of society live their lives. It has been so hotly discussed over the last several months that I need not comment further. There is enough information out there for everyone to form their own opinion.

But I will say one thing about it - fear is useless. No matter the situation, it is better to maintain the courage and determination to overcome obstacles as they come, rather than run away.

We’re giving it all we’ve got

During the first wave of COVID in Europe earlier this year, we supplied together with our customers nearly 50,000 bottles of ManaDrink to overworked nurses, paramedics, and other people on the front lines of the fight. That is more than 20,000,000 calories of much-needed energy.

This season, we are prepared to do it again. Only this time, in addition to our regular production capacities, we have planned to contribute up to a million drinks to the healthcare sector and humanitarian organizations. However, as a homegrown startup with no external funding, we would prefer to focus on our home country, the Czech Republic, which is where we can be most effective.

Nevertheless, we are doing everything we can to make and distribute enough Mana to all customers who need it, in every country that we ship to. This means having a crisis plan and being prepared to run special shifts in our warehouse to ensure that production keeps up with demand.

We therefore do not foresee any product shortages delays in delivery, but in case of sudden changes we will notify you immediately. Follow our COVID-19 update page for the latest updates.

Stay determined, stay safe.

Jakub Krejcik