Big news! We are entering the U.S. market and are now taking pre-orders through our e-shop, In Europe, Mana is already a synonym for quick, healthy, plant-based meals, and is sold both online and at over 1,000 supermarkets and retail points.

Established in 2014 by young visionary Jakub Krejcik, Mana was Europe’s first functional food. Krejcik founded the company out of his garage in 2014 with little startup capital and no assistance from investors. His intention was not just to engineer a peak-nutrition powder, but an economical, environmentally-friendly product that would accelerate the sustainable food movement. In recent years, Mana has triggered a paradigm shift in the way people think about eating.

“We were the first producer of complete-nutrition powders in the European Union, and we now have the opportunity to share our tradition with the USA. Our vision has always been to produce an all-in-one product backed by science for sustainable living, and this will take us one step closer," says Krejcik.

$2 per Meal

Mana is a powder that mixes with water to produce a nutritionally balanced, 400-Calorie meal in just a few seconds. This is 20% of the average daily nutritional requirement for adults. Though Mana comes in 4 flavors, pre-orders will only be for our bestselling Origin powder. Origin is highly rated among customers thanks to its creamy, neutral oat flavor, which can be combined with anything from bananas to spinach. The price for 1 box (containing 35 complete meals) will be $69. Each meal will therefore cost just under $2.

Krejcik continues, "Mana is easily digestible, and contains perfectly balanced quantities of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for optimal functioning of the mind and body. It can serve as a complete substitute for traditional food, or as an alternative for when you're on the go and don't have time for a sit-down meal."

Bestselling Mana Origin Powder + Nalgene Bottle

Aside from our popular Origin powder, we are offering Starter Kits through our e-shop, which consist of an original Mana Nalgene bottle and a stainless steel measuring scoop for precise portioning. (Mana is the largest distributor of Nalgene bottles in Europe.) We will also be shipping free of charge to every U.S. state regardless of order size. 

We will start delivering pre-orders in December, and will begin regular sales simultaneously. Our ready-made drinks and other powder flavors are expected to go on sale in the first half of 2020.

Cosmo Ape, NASA, and Mana

Our company mascot has always been a gorilla in a spacesuit – a symbol of food evolution. Krejcik explains, "The gorilla is a powerful herbivore similar to us. And because he is an astronaut from NASA, he demonstrates that food science, just like technological development, is here to make our lives easier."

He's flown across oceans and over mountain tops to get Mana to the U.S., so bless his heart and your health! Enjoy!