The new generation of our drinks and powder is the greatest nutritional advance in the history of Mana. We stopped producing Mark 5 products this spring and shortly thereafter sold out all powders and our Dream flavor of drink. The same fate awaits the Mark 5 recipe of ManaDrink Origin, Love, and Sunlight. There are less than 100 boxes of each flavor left.

Mark 5 has been with us since 2018, and was the ultimate in complete nutrition. After 2 years, however, it’s time to upgrade; to incorporate new, nutritionally stacked ingredients; to modify our products in accordance with current scientific knowledge as well as customer feedback. Mark 6 is without question the greatest nutritional advance in Mana history.

This year, we will be focusing fully on adapting and developing individual products using this new recipe. The Mark 6 version of ManaPowder Origin has been with us for some months now, and we have just now released the Mark 6 version of ManaDrink Origin.

Not only that, but we’ve also been focusing on the ManaBurger - a healthy and nutritionally complete plant alternative to beef, which we are currently delivering in countries like Germany and the Czech Republic. But we are working on the logistics of delivery throughout the EU.

A New Flavor in August

Back to Mark 6. In addition to Origin, we will be introducing a new flavor of ManaDrink at the beginning of August. In our opinion, it really tastes and feels great, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree. If all goes well, the powdered version will follow later in the same month (barring any surprises, because you never know in production!). 

We understand that some of you may miss the flavors that are disappearing from our repertoire. But we had to decide between focusing on producing more flavors, or improving our core recipe and developing completely new products like the ManaBurger. We chose the latter path, to show the world that today’s science and technology have made it possible to develop a plant-based alternative to meat that is healthy, great-tasting, and planet-friendly. The meaning for us is higher.

In addition, if you’re craving new flavors of Mana, Origin can be combined with any number of other ingredients. Try it with fruit, vegetables, spices, or nut butters. There really are no limits. Nonetheless, there may be another flavor in the future. We don’t want to rule it out :) So, stay tuned!

What is the difference between Mark 5 and Mark 6?

In short: a nutritional revolution, and a significant taste improvement for our drink. You can read everything about the recipe and the new ManaDrink here. But if you don’t have time for that, here’s a brief summary. Both the powder and the drink contain 8 new ingredients for a total of 42, and now have 6 protein sources, 8 fiber sources, and 6 sources of healthy fat.

They’ve also got 9 essential amino acids, 14 essential vitamins, 17 essential minerals, and 2 essential fatty acids. Altogether, they deliver a total of 42 essential nutrients that our bodies cannot create and which are vital for proper bodily function and metabolism. 

We must admit that this will make it very difficult for us to outdo ourselves again, as our Mark 6 recipe really is the culmination of scientific knowledge and technology. But our colleagues in R&D may just surprise us again :)