18 august 2022

We Are Switching to New, More Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials. At the Same Time, We’ll Save Tons More Paper

I'm sure you know that Mana is not only good for your health, but also for the planet. The key is a 100% plant-based formula based on the maximum nutritional value of the ingredients in relation to their ecological footprint. Equally important, however, is the packaging, which we've been optimizing since we created Mana. The long-term goal is to minimize waste and maximize its biodegradability. We have now taken another significant step in this direction, which you will soon see for yourself! What will the new packaging look like, why is it greener and how much waste will we save? All the changes—and their benefits—are summarized in this article.

We exchange white boxes for brown and colour printing for black

If you order Mana today, or tomorrow, or anytime after that, it will no longer arrive in a white box, but in a brown box—technically called unbleached kraft. The transition from a bleached box to an unbleached box is obvious—brown paper does not go through the process of bleaching with chemicals. In other words, it is more environmentally friendly. If you put unbleached brown paper in your garden, for example, it becomes part of the soil within a few weeks and no trace of it remains. However, this type of waste belongs properly in a blue paper container so that it can be recycled up to 10 times.

The advantage is not only more efficient recycling, but also production. Brown kraft paper and cardboard are so widespread that they are extremely economical to produce. If a company wants to reduce its carbon footprint, brown kraft paper and cardboard are the best choice.

Another new feature is the switch from 4-colour offset printing to more environmentally friendly, single-colour printing with water-based ink. The reason is again simple. Direct one-colour printing saves resources and energy consumption and, unlike colour offset printing, meets the strictest environmental criteria. So now Mana will not come to you in a white box with colour printing, but in a more environmentally friendly brown packaging printed with black ink.

We recycle the already recycled

Instead of the classic bleached paper, we use a more environmentally friendly variant of brown kraft paper, the production of which is more environmentally friendly in many aspects. However, in order to maximize the savings, we choose 100% recycled paper for the first 4 layers of the carton. That means that we only use 30% of the newly produced kraft paper for production, the rest is recycled!

We're optimizing ManaPowder packaging. We save 7 tons of paper a year!

Another great new feature is the optimization of the boxes we pack ManaPowder in. As you probably know, each pack of ManaPowder contains 7 sachets containing five servings. By reducing the size of the boxes, we save 1,000 square meters of cardboard per year, while achieving better security for the product when transported. The sachets won’t “fly” around in the smaller packaging.

But our eco-innovations don't stop there. Thanks to the improved structure and durability of the new boxes, it is no longer necessary to pack ManaPowder in another protective box. So from now on, if you order ManaPowder separately, it will arrive in its own box without an additional carton. This saves 7 tons of paper per year!

Mana proves once again that it offers a comprehensive solution with concrete answers to the questions of effective human nutrition today and in the future. More about our mission.

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