Sodium is a biogenic element that is part of the human body, where it is found mainly in extracellular body fluids in the form of Na + ion. It performs an irreplaceable function on the membranes of our cells; namely, together with potassium, it forms a sodium-potassium pump (electrogenic transmembrane enzyme), which maintains the characteristic uneven distribution of these two ions on the inside and outside of membranes.

The distribution and transport of sodium and potassium between the external and internal environment of cells has a significant effect on the formation and propagation of the membrane electrical signal by nerve and muscle cells. Correct operation of the pump maintains the ideal osmotic pressure inside the cells, the ideal concentration of ions in the bloodstream, and a neutral blood pH.

Intake of sodium (salt, sodium chloride) should not be higher than the recommended daily amount, as its excess in the blood leads to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and a higher kidney burden.

Sodium is a natural component of the ingredients in ManaPowder and ManaDrink. We also add it in the form of sodium chloride.

On our nutrition label, the sodium content is defined as salt, i.e. NaCl. Precise information on the quantity of salt in ManaPowder Origin can be found here. Precise information on the quantity of salt in ManaDrink Origin can be found here.

Mana is nutritionally complete food. Enjoy it as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.