Lukáš Kverka

Fitness Trainer

The Mana office is equipped with a nice gym, where Lukáš conducts circuit-training sessions for our employees.

For him, sport is not just exercise, but a kind of meditation. He has been working as a personal trainer for 14 whole years. His specialties include functional circuit-training, endurance training, weight training, bikini fitness, men's physique, mobility exercise, exercise for expecting mothers, exercise for children, and physical rehabilitation. He works with complete beginners, as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for new challenges.

Because he is so active on a daily basis, Lukáš loves to relax when he can. For example, he is a huge fan of spa and wellness centres, as well as deep sleep. He is also a food connoisseur (he never says "no" to a good lunch or dinner). In his free time, he likes to go to the cinema or theatre, and is crazy about dogs.

"For me, Mana is a source of stability. As a personal trainer, I have to have a special diet, and Mana is a big part of that. I often don't have time to take full meals during the day - for example, when I am training my clients - and standard protein shakes just don't fill me up. It's exactly in those moments that Mana is irreplaceable."