Jack Ramsey Zagorski

Media coordinator


Jack is our English-language media coordinator and communications expert. He manages our public relations with foreign and local media, looks after much of our online content for Europe and the US, and, as a speaker of Czech, translates our Czech-language content into English.

Prior to signing on with Mana, he worked as a freelance copywriter and Polish/Czech-to-English translator. Originally from Dallas, Texas, USA, he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, then spent 7 years living in Kraków, Poland, where he got his master’s degree, and since 2016 has been living in the Czech Republic.

He likes to spend his free time above all with his wife, but when she is out of the house, he loves to make music in his home studio – he’s got a penchant for vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. He’s also a secret metalhead. When he’s not playing himself some music, you can find him cooking, exercising, or hanging with friends.

“Mana for me is everything protein powder isn’t. I used to love protein powder, not because it ever brought me any visible muscle gains, but rather because of how it tasted. I guess I never exercised hard enough or drank enough of it to notice real results, so I eventually stopped buying it. And while I didn’t regret that decision, I always missed making and drinking protein shakes. When I heard about Mana, I immediately imagined it as a more functional protein powder. I tried it, and sure enough it was. It tasted kind of like protein powder, and was super mixable with other ingredients, but was much more filling, without being heavy. Since then, it’s been my post-workout go-to.”