Tereza Matoušková

Customer Care Specialist

Tereza is one of our fabulous customer care specialists, who does everything she can to address customer inquiries.

Before joining Mana, she worked part-time as a receptionist for an auditing firm, where she enjoyed contact with people every day. She has also worked as a photographer and editor for internet magazines on the side. Today, she runs an Instagram account and blog about living and design.

She most enjoys spending her free time with her children. Together they like to read, paint, and play Ludo. Whenever she has a moment for herself, she is usually behind the camera taking photos of her flat and other products for her Instagram account. This is the best creative release for her, but you might also find her exercising with dumbells, walking, or rollerblading - always with a smile on her face!

"Mana for me is a godsend. The opportunity to work here came at the perfect time. And I really love the product and the team. Busy as I am, it is an excellent way to give my body everything it needs. Whoever hasn't tried Mana cake hasn't lived yet!"