Tomáš Holenda

Head of IT

Tomas is in charge of all the technology at Mana, such as computers, telephones, and tablets - a huge part of what makes the team and product so great. From setting up calendars to assigning new laptops, everything goes through him. But he doesn't just take care of our equipment; he takes care of our users, too. To this end, he provides personal training and helps solve any problems with electronic devices, so that users can feel comfortable and work to the fullest.

After a few years of working on the front lines for an Apple Premium Reseller, and a stint with and Apple Czech, Tomáš moved into the corporate sector, where he excelled in optimizing conditions for computer work. For example, he helped the Apple shop in Prague and other retail outlets improve their merchandising.

He loves to get out of his comfort zone, and tries to do something exceptional every day. He is also a huge fan of good coffee and chill environments (he knows all the good cafes in Prague). But you can often find him in the mountains - snowboarding in winter, or running and hiking in summer. Every week he plays badminton, does hot yoga, lifts weights, and practices circuit training. And of course, he relaxes, whether in the sauna or via other wellness activities. Like many of us, he is dedicated traveller, and is especially fond of London. His other interests lie in design (including industrial design), architecture, and minimalism. To boot, he enjoys creating new products and gets off on details. He spends calmer weekends taking walks with his pug, Harry.

"In a word, Mana for me means evolution. The world is moving so fast nowadays that we are having trouble keeping pace. But Mana is a great way to restore some of our free time. Aside from its nutritional values, I love the way the product is developing. The design is simple, the advertising is non-agressive, the environmental impact is minimal, and the quality is high - from production processes to packaging. And the company is full of amazing personalities who always strive for the best in their field, so there is always something to learn."